Birthday Wishes

It’s December 8th and I’m another year older. I can’t believe I’m …..years old. If I told you my age you wouldn’t believe me anyway. I’m very grateful to have been given another year of life. This year has definitely been one of the most memorable years of my life. My life underwent many changes.

In the beginning of the year I remember making a list of everything I wanted to accomplish. My agenda was full and I had so many plans. I accomplished most of them but others were put on hold or canceled due to circumstances out of my hands. I learned a very valuable lesson, never set a specific timeline or schedule to accomplish your goals because shit happens. Unexpected situations like a car accident, breast cancer scare and suffering the destruction of a massive hurricane can totally screw up your plans. BUT through these situations life teaches you things you didn’t realize you needed to know.

This year more than ever I’ve learned not to take anything for granted. Things can change in unexpected ways. So, I’m living the moment and appreciating everything.

Another lesson life taught me this year is to take one day at a time and stop worrying about tomorrow. Face challenges as they come.

This year more than ever I’ve learned that having genuine friends is the best blessing. Genuine friendship is such a special gift. Friends who accept and love you for who you are despite your flaws. Friends who are there through the good and bad situations.


My life isn’t what I expected it to be. When you reach a certain age you tend to focus and stress about the things you haven’t achieved yet. I’ve come to understand that I’m on a special and unique journey. I believe that whatever is meant for me will come when it’s supposed to arrive. Doors close because they were not meant to be.
I’ll always continue to do what I love and live without regrets. In the right time the blessing God has for me will arrive.

This new year of life brings new adventures and opportunities. I know deep in my heart that this year will be the best yet. As I get older I feel stronger, more confident, fearless and capable of accomplishing anything. Every struggle I’ve had has molded me into the woman I am today.

I’m mostly greatful for the fact that even though I’m in my thirties I look like I’m 20. I literally still get asked for my ID.

As I blow out the candles on this 3Oish. birthday my wishes are to continue achieving my goals, live out Gods purpose for my life and be a light in people’s lives. I ask God for wisdom and strength to overcome everything life throws at me but most of all I wish that everyone in the world could find happiness, peace and love in the midst of so much suffering. I also wish for people to have more tolerance and understanding because that leads to less conflicts, fights and even wars.

I’m very grateful for EVERYONE who’s been by my side as I continue through my journey in life. Thank you to all who’ve been part of my trajectory.

I’m looking forward to all of the new adventures I’ll experience this new year life has gifted me. With the help of God I hope to continue fulfilling my dreams and mission with Lovely Chicas.

Happy Birthday to me!

Be you, Be Lovely
Charlene Gonzalez

Photos by: Gilbert Martinez


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