Bath & Body Care: Favorite Products

Bath and body care is an important part of keeping yourself healthy. Being clean but also, keeping skin moist, protected, and healthy helps keep your skin free of damage. Keeping your body clean is an important part of personal hygiene.

Since I’m an obsessed fan of beautiful, glowing and healthy skin I’m very particular with the body products I use.

My struggle to have balanced and healthy skin came to a halt when I began using a few Bliss products. With my favorite bath Bliss products I’ve obtained healthy, beautiful and happy skin.

Taking care of skin starts in the shower. My shower time is probably the only time of the day when I can relax and escape from everything. Thankfully, Bliss products offer luxury spa treatment at the comfort of your home.

During my shower session my greatest nightmare is using intense soaps that strip skin of all moisture and transform healthy glowy skin into a dry and irritated mess. That’s why my top two favorites soaps are the Bliss lemon + sage body bar and Bliss blood orange & white pepper soapy suds body wash.

Bliss lemon + sage body bar:

The Bliss lemon + sage body bar cleans, exfoliates and moisturizers. The tiny and gentle exfoliating loofah bits and massaging particles give a great stimulating and relaxing bathing session. The small nubs on one side of the soap provide a good massaging effect which truly helps to relieve achy muscles. The bar leaves skin clean, soft and smooth. The combination of Lemon and Sage is very refreshing and perfect scent.

What I LOVE about the Bliss lemon + sage body bar
– Fabulous fresh fragrance
– Moisturizes
– Provides gentle exfoliation
– Stimulates circulation
– Leaves me refreshed after every use
-Long lasting fragrance on skin

Bliss blood orange & white pepper soapy suds body wash: IMG_1510

I’ve tried many body washes and hands down this is my favorite. The vibrant and refreshing scent of blood orange and white pepper is fabulously invigorating. With the extra ingredients of glycerin, aloe and Vitamin E your skin feels super conditioned. You should expect a nice and bubbly lather. This luxurious body wash leaves your skin feeling extra clean and soft. In addition it’s energizing lovely aroma is long lasting.

What I LOVE about the Bliss blood orange & white pepper soapy suds body wash:
– Energizing Great scent
– Moisturizes
-Can be used as bubble bath
-Lathers nicely
– Leaves skin refreshed
-Long lasting fragrance on skin
-Paraben Free

All soap bars and body washes are designed to remove dirt and bacteria but using the best products make shower time the ultimate treat. Most importantly using the correct bath products will be reflected on your skins appearance. My skin thanks me everyday for using good quality bath products.

Which is your favorite soap or body wash?

Be you, be lovely
Charlene Gonzalez

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