4th of July Outfit & Important Message

The 4th of July isn’t just about barbecues, pool parties and spending time with your favorite people. It’s mainly about wearing a cute patriotic outfit……..ok, ok, it’s truly about celebrating USA’s independence.

If you didn’t already know though I currently live in Puerto Rico I was born and raised in New York in a town named Haverstraw which is part of Rockland County (upstate country side ) to be more exact. People always assume I was raised in NYC. Celebrating the 4th of July has always been a very special custom in my family. We’d always enjoy a family BBQ than watch an amazing fireworks show at night.

Keeping the patriotism alive I’ve made it a yearly tradition to celebrate with an outfit inspo post on Lovely Chicas. This years look is a very casual. This comfy look incorporates an “American Rocker” graphic tee, denim shorts and motor boots. I love this laid back patriotic rocker chic look which is perfect to celebrate USA’s independence.FullSizeRender_2FullSizeRender_1

I want to take this moment to move onto a more serious message. I don’t like to use Lovely Chicas for politics but I feel as if I have to speak out. As a “gringa” white girl living in Puerto Rico I want to make my voice heard with the devastating situation Puerto Rico is going through. Ever since I set foot on this island full of beauty I’ve struggled every hardship known. As an American I know and understand what Puerto Rican’s are suffering because I too have been suffering….. unemployment, debt, minimum wage, taxes, unfair laws, corruption, the injustice against the working class is immense….this list goes on and on.  Being born and raised in the USA since kindergarten to high school I recited the pledge of allegiance during the morning school announcements. I love and have memorized the song “Star Spangled Banner”. As a Puerto Rican “gringa” who still celebrates the independence of the country I love, my beloved USA from the bottom of my heart I beg that Puerto Rico be helped through this immense economic crisis because the ones who truly feel the weight of it all are young people like me with dreams and hopes that are being shattered. I could’ve run away and fled back to the USA but I decided to stay and continue the fight…..hoping, dreaming and never giving up.

Happy Birthday USA!

Be You, Be Lovely
Charlene Gonzalez

FullSizeRender_5Lovely Chicas-Charlene GonzalezLovely Chicas-Charlene GonzalezLovely Chicas-Charlene Gonzalez



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